There are so many online resources it is hard to know where to start and how to organize them but below are a few of our favorites. Please let us know at if any links are broken or if you have good links to add. We welcome your suggestions. Thank you!

Green infrastructure

Rain gardens

Bioretention (City of Indianapolis)

Build your own rain garden

Rain garden plant spreadsheet

Rain garden maintenance

Cisterns and rain barrels

Cisterns & Rain Barrels (City of Indianapolis)

Sizing your cistern

Build your own rain barrel

Urban farming

Local Gardens

Broadway Community Garden 3415 Broadway, Indianapolis 46205

Community Heights Community Garden

Felege Hiywot Center 1648 Sheldon Street, Indianapolis 46218

Near West Garden Project

Local Organizations

Center for Urban Ecology

Global Peace Initiatives

Growing Places Indy

Indy (Grows) Gardens

Community Garden Resources

American Community Gardening Association

Rebel Tomato

Community Garden Start Up Guide (UC Davis)

Nature's Crossroads - free seeds for community gardens

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Project Greenspace

Initiatives Elsewhere

The Food Project (Boston, MA)

Growing Power (Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL)

Re-Vision Urban Farm Project (Boston, MA)

Boston Natural Areas Network (Boston, MA)

Milwaukee Urban Gardens (Milwaukee, WI)

Magnuson Community Garden (Seattle, WA)

Zenger Farm (Portland, OR)

The Garden Project (San Francisco, CA)

The City Farms (NY, NY)

Grow Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)

Seeds (Durham, NC)

Sustain: The Alliance for Better Food and Farming (London, UK)

Blogs (ok, not all urban but pretty interesting nonetheless...)

Urban Land Army (Seattle, WA)

An Urban Plot (Ashville, NC)

Top Veg

You Grow Girl (Toronto, Canada)

Square Foot Gardening

Urban Garden Hoe (Oklahoma City, OK)

Garden Desk (northern KY)

My Skinny Garden (Chicago, IL)

Skippy's Vegetable Garden (near Boston, MA)

In My Kitchen Garden and Farmgirl Fare (small town, MO)

Sustainable Garden (Nottinghamshire, UK)

Veggie Garden Info (many re-posts from other sites)

The Cheap Vegetable Gardener

Organic farming

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Organic Agriculture (Purdue Extension)

Organic Farming Research Foundation

Rodale Institute

Vegetable MD (Cornell)

How to go


Contaminants & remediation

Lead in the home garden and urban soil environment (U Minn Extension)

Lead problems for urban farms (Evan Green)

The potential for heavy metal exposure from urban soils and exposures (Chaney RL et al.)

Assessing Potential Risk of Heavy Metal Exposure from Consumption of Home-Produced Vegetables by Urban Populations (Hough RL et al.)

Soil contamination and urban agriculture (McGill University)


Safe Urban Gardening Initiative (IUPUI, Dr. Filippelli)

Collecting soil samples for testing (Purdue Extension)

Soil Testing Labs (recommended by Purdue Extension)

EMSL Analytical Labs (Indianapolis lead-only soil testing)


See also composting


Compost resources (Seattle Tilth)


A simple guide to vermiculture (IDEM)

Composting with red wriggler worms (City Farmer, Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture)


The Compost Bin


Drip irrigation

Soaker hoses

*See how to page for how to build a rain barrel

Vegetable garden

Vegetable gardening basics (U Illinois Extension)

Gardening with vegetables (Colorado State)

Seed companies


Seed Saver Exchange

High Mowing Seeds

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Starting seeds indoors

Starting plants from seeds (U Missouri)

How to create seed-starting pots from newpapers

Cover crops

Overview of cover crops and green manures

UC SAREP cover crop database

Companion plants

Companion planting: Basic concept and resources

Ivydene Gardening companion planting

Three sisters garden: corn, beans, squash

When to plant

Grow guide (Weekend Gardener)

Growing vegetables

Vegetable directory (U Illinois Extension)

Seed starting (Weekend Gardener)

Growing herbs

Seed starting (Weekend Gardener)

Seeds saving

Seed saving (Fedco)

Pest and disease management

Resource guide for organic insect and disease management

Grapes, berries and brambles

Desirable fruit and berry varieties

Berries (Cornell Fruit Resources)

How we raise our berries (The Berry Patch)


Growing grapes in Indiana


Strawberry production (Cornell Fruit Resources)


About raspberries

Reliable raspberries (Fine Gardener)

Growing raspberries and blackberries (U of Maine Coop Extension)

Orchards and fruit trees

Midwest fruit tree pest management handbook

Post harvest information network

Home Orchard Society

Soil management for orchards and vineyards


Apple cultivars for Indiana

Disease resistant apple varieties

How to prune and train apple trees

Growing apple trees in the home garden (North Carolina Cooperative Extension)

Growing apple trees in the home garden (Ohio State University)


Cherry cultivars for Indiana


Pears (University of Kentucky)


Persimmons (Purdue Extension)


Plum varieties (National Gardening Association)

Flower garden

Native plants

Native Plant Database

Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society


Native Plants Unlimited

Invasive plants

What to plant and what NOT to plant (The Nature Conservancy)

Midwest Invasive Plant Network


Alien Plant Invaders of Natural Areas (Plant Conservation Alliance)

National Invasive Species Information Center (USDA)

Pollinators: birds and bees

Garden for wildlife - create a certified wildlife habitat (National Wildlife Federation)


Bird pollination (US Forest Service)


Orchard mason bees

Indiana Beekeeping School

Indiana Beekeepers Swarm List

The Barefoot Beekeeper

Building your own hives (Bee Source)

Rosetta's Guide to Hives

Beginning beekeeping (Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium)

General gardening resources

Dig the Dirt

Gardening forever

Hoosier Gardener

National Gardening Association

Gardening resources for kids

Serenata Flowers