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Share with us the local resources you have uncovered here in Indianapolis. there is a wealth of information, activities, and supplies available for free or purchase. Each category has a list of organizations with a brief description and website link (if available):

local FOOD






local FOOD

Indy Winter Farmer's Market web link

The Indianapolis Winter Farmers Market connects local farmers with city residents by delivering fresh healthy produce to 901 N East Street on Saturday mornings from 9 am to 12:30 pm from November 14 to April 24. The Indy Winter Market allows Indianapolis’ urban-dwelling residents to purchase vegetables, fruit, meat, baked goods, herbs, natural cleaning products and other locally produced food & household products straight from regional farmers. By directly connecting farmers and producers to Indianapolis area residents, the Indy Winter Market supports family farms, preserves farm land, delivers fresh healthy produce to Indianapolis residents, and reduces the environmental effects that result from food traveling across the country or world.

Going Local web link

Going Local is a rich online resource where you can discover, celebrate, and savor the abundance of Indiana’s fresh, in-season, and local foods. You’ll find sources for delicious, healthy, locally grown, and in-season foods; information about Indiana farmers, businesses, and individuals who grow, raise, produce, and sell local foods; recipes and tips for preparing seasonal dishes that are healthy, quick, easy, and delicious; and a community for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and experiences for GOING LOCAL in Indiana. Going Local is created and maintained by Victoria Wesseler, an Indiana-based food writer, recipe creator, and Advanced Master Gardener.

Slow Food Indy web link

Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. It is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment.

Indy Sustainable Food Alliance web link

The Indy Sustainable Food Alliance promotes sustainable community-driven food solutions.

Indiana Local Food Guide web link

Find Indiana local food growers, producers, stores, and markets using the searchable database and link to an Indiana-specific harvest calendar.

Local Growers Guild web link

The Local Growers' Guild is a cooperative of farmers in southern and central Indiana.  The Local Growers Guild creates a local foods system that provides quality food to communities through direct markets and retailers; preserves the viability of family farms; improves the quality of life for growers; makes food issues visible; and promotes practices that preserve and protect the Earth.

Earth Eats web link

Earth Eats is a weekly program of real food and green living with Chef Daniel Orr. The program explores local food and sustainable agriculture with recipes you can make at home, interviews with local farmers and Chef Orr’s musings on food, history and culture. The program is available as a weekly podcast and all episodes are archived for online listening.


Felege Hiywot Center web link

The Felege Hiywot Center serves urban youth of Indianapolis, second generation Ethiopians in Indianapolis, and orphans in Ethiopia. They teach gardening and environmental preservation andencourage youth to embrace the virtues of community service.

Growing Places Indy web link

Growing Places Indy is a non-profit organization committed to cultivating the “Culture” of food and urban agriculture in the Indianapolis marketplace. Their vision is for healthier communities, a sustainable future for urban and farm land ecology, a burgeoning local food economy, and a vibrant and diverse food culture in Indianapolis. They are working to develop models for urban gardening, to engage community in our local food systems, to nurture the growth of neighborhood farmers markets, to seed entrepreneurship related to local food systems, and to grow leaders in the local food community.

Indiana Native Plants and Wildflower Society web link

INPAWS mission is to promote the appreciation, preservation, conservation, utilization and scientific study of the flora native to Indiana and to educate the public about the values, beauty, diversity and environmental importance of indigenous vegetation.

Indiana Master Gardeners Program web link

The Master Gardener program is designed to help educate the public about gardening through the use of trained, certified volunteers. The program helps participants to grow by providing them with training in horticulture principles. They, in turn, agree to share their knowledge and help others grow.

Indy (Grows) Gardens web link

Indy (Grows) Gardens presents information ranging from how to start a community garden in your neighborhood, the locations of community gardens around Indianapolis, and links to organizations that can help make your garden possible.

Global Peace Initiatives - Peace Gardens web link

We have created Peace Gardens in Indianapolis for several years now. The first year they had two gardens, the second seven. Now they want your help to solve a problem. Let’s all start Peace Gardens and feed the hungry. Your neighborhood, your church, your service organization all have volunteers who want to make a difference in our community and the lives of people in need. The difference can start through something as small as a seed. You can organize your volunteers, plant a garden, adopt a food pantry and provide that pantry with food throughout the growing season.

Community Gardens

Contact us (indytilth@gmail.com) to list your community garden!


The Indianapolis Department of Public Works collects millions of pounds of leaves each fall.  These leaves were turned into compost, which is available to the public for free.  Get your compost from the Southside Landfill located at 2577 S. Kentucky Avenue in Indianapolis. Call (317)247-6808 for more information. Or contact the Mayor`s Action Center at (317) 327-4622.

Many arborists will also deliver free wood chips (search free wood chips Indianapolis). Make sure that the trimmed trees are not diseased and the number of cubic yards that will be delivered. (Many will deliver a minimum load of 10 or more cubic yards.)


Given the potential for soil contamination with lead and other heavy metals, it is important to test your soil before planting a vegetable garden. See links page for more information on contamination resources and how to remediate. For testing, there is a great local resource at IUPUI through Dr. Filippelli's lab. See his Safe Urban Gardening Initiative link for more details for this FREE lead testing.

Other resources including the Purdue Extension website for lead and other contaminant testing (send-out) or EMSL Analytical Labs for lead-only soil testing (Indianapolis).

You may also request free lead soil testing from the Marion County Health Department (MCHD). REMEMBER: (1) MCHD will test not only the soil where you are planting vegetables but other soil sites, your peeling paint and other potential lead sources, and (2) IF any of the lead tests are above the threshold of 400 ppm for a household with children or above 1200 ppm otherwise, you will be required to remediate. NOTE: There is a matching grant (up to $9000) to help defray the costs of soil lead remediation. Contact Dan Fries (317.221.2171) for more information.


SustainIndy web link

SustainIndy is aimed at delivering long term cost savings to tax payers and improving our local environment.  SustainIndy is also focused on improving the quality of life for citizens while building our local economy.  Its efforts are designed to aggressively move Indianapolis forward to make it one of the most sustainable cities in the Midwest. SustainIndy is driven by the City’s Office of Sustainability and takes a public-private partnership approach to making Indianapolis a great place to live for generations to come.

Hoosier Environmental Council web link

The Hoosier Environmental Council addresses Indiana's major environmental challenges throgh education and advocacy. Our views are shaped by good science and a commitment to protect precious natural resources. Their website is a great resource for additional information on recycling, sustainable transportation, and more!

KIB - Recycle Indianapolis Program web link

Find drop-off locations for recyclables in the Indianapolis area and learn more about recycling from a variety of links sponsored by Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.

Earth Charter Indiana web link

The Earth Charter is an international declaration of core values and implementing principles that form a road map for getting to full-circle sustainability (respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, grassroots democracy and a culture of peace) on planet Earth. Earth Charter Indiana is a local expression of how the Earth Charter informs and inspires collaborative action and individual responsibility toward a just, sustainable and peaceful future.

Indiana Living Green website & magazine web link

At the Indiana Living Green™ website you will find the latest news about environmentally friendly practices and products for a sustainable lifestyle, including information you can use to find a green lifestyle that you can live with — one that is both earth-friendly and doable for you and your family. Published bi-monthly, the magazine will profile those living the green lifestyle and provide earth-friendly tips and resources.

Sustainable Indiana, Inc web link

Sustainable Indiana is a a non-profit organization chartered in the State of Indiana. Our purpose is to promote environmental awareness and sustainability in general, educate people about current issues of vital importance, such as Peak Oil and Global Climate Change, and provide an environment in which other individuals and groups who are working toward these goals can get together and share information and resources. All projects of the organization will be conducted transparently, so that others who are interested in implementing similar projects in their own community will be able to "clone" these projects locally.

Indiana Urban Forest Council web link

The Indiana Urban Forest Council, established in 1991, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the public awareness of protecting, expanding and improving Indiana's urban forests. The Council serves as a resource and liaison concerning urban forestry issues within the state and nation.